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At Intouch Health we believe that everyone has the right to be informed about and in touch with their health.  With this in mind we’ve put together a range of community education courses to support your navigation to health and wellbeing.


Places are limited, so be sure to register your interest today.


Private Massage Tuition for Couples, family and friends  


Have you ever wished you could massage your partner, or better still that they could massage you?  Or perhaps you'd like to explore fun new ways to deepen your connection with loved ones?  If so, this could be the course for you!


After years of training massage therapists I’m passionate about introducing massage to your home.  I’ve developed a bespoke Private Massage Tuition course for couples, family and friends.  I’ll take you through the ‘A to Z’ of safe and effective full body relaxation massage in a private clinical setting.


By appointment









"This was a great class with a gifted tutor who enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with others".
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Love your Breath


Enhance your understanding of breathing dynamics, and experience how healthy breathing can improve your sense of bodily awareness and revitalise your health. 






Release pain and stress

Enhance your understanding of stress and explore what happens when the load is too high.  Examine the influence of stress on your breathing patterns and experience how simple breathing tools can still the mind, manage stress, and release stress-related pains from the body.









Love your Spine - the Pillar of Health


Explore the concept of the Pillar of Health – your spine and nervous system.  Experience how simple breathing tools can relax your spine and nervous system, release pain and invigorate your health.



Introducing Massage to your Family


This course introduces the safe application of massage for the whole family.  Bring your partner, child or friend, and be prepared to be relaxed! 








Craniosacral Therapy - free introductory talk 


Craniosacral therapy is extremely gentle and effective form of treatment for a wide range of health concerns. 


This talk introduces the concepts of craniosacral therapy, and includes a demonstration.













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